Assignment with Options to Select from Due Oct 31

The assignment due for Oct 31 has a list of options with in the assignment for people to select. Select one option from the list below:

Option 1) Application to Grad School

Option 2) Application to Residency Program

Option 3) Proposal to lead/conduct a Workshop

Option 4) Proposal for a Curatorial Project

Option 5) Submit an application to do an Artist's Book/Work for Publication

Option 6) Alternative option. This assignment may also include other options for applications which are not listed that people may want to do for their art career. This assignment will require more independent research and decision making than the previous assignments.
If you wish to do something not presented on the list above you are required to contact the instructor immediately to discuss your alternative selection to the options presented above in this assignment. (Obviously you do not want to do a grant application or a website/blog as an option since they will be covered in other future assignments in the course)  

Support Materials and Text Requirements for Assignment:

Support Materials (Jpeg images and or video/time-based mediums) and Application Text:
For this assignment (with the various options to select from) the application process for each person will present various challenges and outcomes. It is the hope that this assignment listed in this post can be tailored to a specific application process to suit each person's individual needs. However for this assignment with options, the application/assignment must include a minimum of 10 images (maximum 20 images) and or 5 minutes (maximum) of video excerpts along with the application text. The file size of images should range somewhere close to 1MB to 2MB. There are many Video formats - please use a video file compatible  for a MAC computer. 

Application Text (text for assignment/application/proposal):
For many people in the class, when it comes time to do the assignments (such as the exhibition proposal, the assignment with options, the grant proposal and the website/blog assignment) people will have to figure out a way to have a more cohesive artist statement, which either focuses on a smaller selection of their work that they do or further articulates in their text how the various and different works and mediums conceptually connect. 

Clarity in the statements and the proposals in the various applications will always be important.  However as long term goals, people should also be striving to have the highest level of articulation and presentation of unique ideas in their work and in the various proposals in this course. (This is stating the obvious, but people's text and work as  assignments in this course and as long term goals should be presented in the most unique, 
articulate and professional way possible)  

This additional information here applies to applications for graduate 
school programs but will also apply to other options listed in the 
assignment. For further clarification please feel to contact me or ask 
questions in class.

For the assignment with options if you are choosing to do a graduate 
school application you should include an artist statement at least 
two-thirds of a page (minimum) to one page (maximum) and a statement of 
purpose (proposal) to a specific program which should be one page long. 

Most likely a graduate program will request these two items (artist 
statement and statement of purpose)  or something similar so definitely 
include those as requirements in our assignment even if "the real life" 
application does not request these items. As well there should be a 
portfolio requirement of 10 to 20 images which should also be included 
in this assignment. All the assignments in this course are set up to be 
"real life" scenarios with perhaps additional requests (depending on 
the real life applications) The application should be to an actual 
masters program which people have chosen to apply to. 

As I have said in class take screen shots of the application process if 
the application is partially or completely an on line process. The 
assignment should also include the following: 10 to 20 jpeg images (and 
or video), corresponding image list, artist statement, statement of 
purpose (proposal) and cover letter as well as anything else the 
application requires such as a reference list (but do not include the 
references contact information). 

In the assignment with options to be submitted for the honours seminar 
course leave out materials such as grade transcripts, reference 
letters, application fee, medical issues, emergency contact information 
and other personal/private information such as that.

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