Personal Artist Website Assignment Due Thursday Dec 6 at midnight

This assignment will have people develop their website for  specific audience members and should involve the following: 

Mechanics of the Website:
- Clear Intent
- Actionable Items (Develop items on the website in terms ease in which people navigate through the website but is still interesting and unique for them)
- Consider the written and visual language in relation to the technology and the overall layout of the website. 
- This assignment is about showcasing people's work and their ideas as artists (and potentially as curators and art writers).

Demographics (Audience) for Personal Artist Website:
Curators/Arts Administrators
Art Critics
Art Historians
Art Buyers
Art Appreciators (art educated and non art educated)

Addressing the above demographics is mandatory but there is also the option of informing the following audience as art appreciators:
Friends, Fans, Family and General Public.

Website Menu Requirements:
Bio: Summary of artist CV and as well integrate one or two sentence summary of work

Artist Statement: Once again it will be very import that each person discusses the connections between the visual language in the work and their themes/metaphors. Every choice in terms of creating visual form, subject matter and the process has the potential to mean something. In many ways the artist statement is about discussing the chosen visual languages and process and how those choices of visual language and process specifically communicate those themes/metaphors.

Some people have a large and diverse body of work which may require an artist statement that discusses all their work in general and then will require the use of separate texts that are shorter which address specifics about different sub-categories of work listed in the website menu.

Those sub-categories of your work could be theme based or medium based.

Work: Requires one or more of the following: Stills, Video, Sculpture/3D Work, Installations, Commissions, etc. Check other artist websites to get ideas how they organize their work and menu on their homepage)
Images must demonstrate proper format, exposure and resolution. There can be a rare exception to proper format, exposure and resolution but intent must be clear and once again ideas should connect with the visual language of the work.
For each work state: Title, medium(s), dimensions and date
For videos/animation: Title, play-time and date

Other arts related menu items could include: curating projects, art writing or media coverage.

Copy Right Issues:
If copy right is a concern people could add the description of each work with their name and the copyright symbol after each image.

Criteria for Evaluating Assignment:
Unique and Innovative characteristics of website

Clear relationship between texts (artist statement and bio) and work (images/video/time based work)

Clarity and over all professionalism of website.

Deadline for Assignment: 
Instructor must receive an email with link to website by Thursday Dec 6 at midnight

Email Instructions for Assignment:
Please email instructor at
OR derek

In subject of email please put last name first, then first name then website assignment.

As usual assignment will be deducted a letter grade per day the assignment is late.

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